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Our Workshop

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Plymouth Computer Repair Specialists

More Info

What We Do


Laptop Screen Replacements
Virus Removal / Health Check
Keyboard Replacement
Power Jack Repair
Charger Replacement
Hard Drive Data Retrieval
Hard Drive Replacement
Operating System Reinstallation
Windows Password Removal
Windows Repair
Heatsink Pasting
Hardware Upgrades
Dust Cleanout
Network Setup
Printer Problems
Operating System Upgrades
Website Design
Website Hosting

What Now

First, you would contact us via telephone, email or via the website to discuss the repair you would need organising.


We would then take all details about the repair from you, then one of our staff would arrange a collection for the tower/laptop/gadget, it would then be booked into our database and worked on within the time frame we have discussed.


If any other issues arise we would then contact you to discuss any further length of time needed or any further cost if any to get your item repaired.


Once your repair has been completed we would arrange delivery or collection and we would then accept the payment via cash/card/cheque.






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