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Our Address: 14 hutchings close, Southway, Plymouth, PL6 6PG

When something goes wrong with your PC/Laptop, your world turns upside down. is  indeed an excellent service which offers you quick, easy and cost affective assistance in such a situation right at your doorstep. Not only do we offer home visits to fix your system, we also provide all round diagnostics and repair for your PC/Laptop or even Laptop screens and everything computer related. is a popular computer repair company based in Plymouth, Devon : Special Features 

PC-GUYZ.COM offers a wide variety of services to the customer at very reasonable prices. The amount that they charge for services that they provide is at par with most of the others in this industry but the quality of the service that they provide to their clients is unmatched. We are one of the best computer repair company in whole of Plymouth, Devon

We first and foremost offer a complete diagnostic health check, which includes virus removal and system speedup and optimisation. We also offer the option of completely reinstalling windows and setting up the security and vital software. Repairing of screens is also undertaken by us, along with replacement of keyboards. One of the most crucial aspects of repairing and restoring a system, which is the hard drive, is also handled by us with utmost care and precision. We undertake the task of replacing the hard drive and backing it up on recovery disks whenever need be. These are not all of the services that are offered by us. If you need to get a website up on the internet for your personal or professional use then we can help you. We provide our customers with website building and hosting services. We can develop small applications in visual basic for you.

Why choose

As in every service provider, the priority for is customer satisfaction. The testimonials and ratings on the website, furnished by customers of the website/service, speaks volumes about the efficiency, service and precision of the service provided by their team. We promise quick, reliable service and deliver on that promise. We offer all this at reasonable prices. It is a very hassle free, convenient and efficient service to say the very least.

For any computer repair service, website building and hosting services you can contact PC-GUYZ. So what are you waiting for call us right away! 

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